Awnings & Blinds Adelaide – Beat the Summer Heat with the Best Window Coverings

While air conditioning is the best option during the summer, we need to admit that we can’t use it all the time. Unless you don’t mind spending boatloads of cash on your monthly electric bill, you need to save money by utilising your windows. One of the best options is to choose the best window coverings. Fortunately, clever awnings & blinds Adelaide, as well as other window treatments, can help keep your house cool and your bills manageable. Australia’s Department of Energy (DOE) claims that smart window covering management can reduce heat gain by up to 80 per cent. At the same time, the same practices can even be carried over to the winter season. Save money on your energy bills while cooling down your house with these energy-saving options:



Still, according to the DOE, an awning can reduce heat from the sun by up to 67 per cent on south-facing windows and 78 per cent on west-facing windows. For the best heat-blocking, choose awnings with light colours that reflect more sunlight. During the winter, you can roll up your awnings and let the limited sun warm up your home for free.



Both awnings & blinds Adelaide are different yet serve the same purpose – which is to protect and insulate your home. Because of its horizontal slats, it can be hard to manage heat loss through interior window blinds. However, they do offer some level of flexibility. Unlike other window coverings, you can adjust the slates and control both lighting and ventilation. When completely closed, highly reflective blinds can drastically reduce heat by around 46 per cent. You can also adjust the slats to block and reflect direct heat and sunlight. That distributes the light within the room without any heat or glare.



Window shade is known to be one of the simplest and most effective ways to save energy and protect your home. However, for it to work, they need to be drawn all day. You can mount them as close to the glass as possible within the window frame, which will create a sealed space. Reversible shades that are dark and white on each side can be switched depending on the seasons. The white side will reflect the sun during the summer, while the dark side absorbs it during the winter.


Apart from awnings & blinds Adelaide, other window coverings can repel the raging heat of the sun during the summer. Get to know some of them by clicking this link.