Considerations When Purchasing a Disc Sander

The power source line of power tools gives users the ability to accomplish even the most challenging construction jobs in a matter of minutes without specialized power tools or time-consuming sanding.

The DWE 6400 DSvant with Dust Shroud offers maximum power in high-performance sanding tools with an amp motor to shorten the sanding time on different projects. The tool has two sanding pads for different grit sizes and a large, rubber mallet for heavy-duty and repetitive work. The power tool is designed for light to medium-duty sanding and finishing applications and comes with a durable nylon belt and dust collection bag.

For difficult to reach high-tones or rougher textured surfaces, the Power Source Big Bertha Disc Sander with Power Sanding Belt is an ideal choice. The large steel sanding belt has a larger than usual disc and can sand into both softer and harder surfaces. The large abrasive pads of the disc sander allow for smooth, effortless operation and provide the user with a large smooth sanding area.

disc-sanderThe hand-held disc sander is a more compact and portable alternative to the larger, stationary belt Sanders that is often found in home improvement stores. However, the smaller hand-held version still features a durable nylon fabric belt and aluminium paddle. This type of hand-held tool is best used for smoothing and sanding tough, smooth surfaces like concrete, stone and marble. The faster, more robust operation of the electric hand-held tool allows for greater accuracy when finishing the job with high-resolution, fine-touch sandpaper.

Adelaide tools can also be found in the form of disc sanders. Disc Sanders is made of either steel or aluminium and is similar to belt sanders. A disc sander has a wide, deep sandpaper basket and can sand both sides of rough-surfaced surfaces at the same time. This type of power tool is an excellent choice for cleaning exposed surfaces such as stone and marble. Because the surface is so tough, the disc sander can cut through many layers of hardened tar and grime without chipping.

When purchasing a disc sander, it is important to consider what your particular needs are. The most common use for disc sanders is to remove old paint from painted cars and to restore antique or vintage cars to their original state. The grit in these sanders is typically very coarse, which is necessary to remove the vast majority of the rust and grit on the surfaces without damaging them. Typically, car enthusiasts and mechanics will purchase the best quality, highest-grade models available to ensure that their investment is worth the price.

Regardless of the specific application, a high-quality disc sander will provide years of service and will deliver the smoothest finish possible.