Type of Electricians

Types of electricians can be grouped into several broad categories, but there are only two main categories into which most electrician fall: Lineman (Outdoors Electricians) and Intermediate (In-store Electricians). These electrician Glenelg types range from a stranger to a seasoned veteran and everything in between. From a simple repair to a complex installation, there is a type of electrician that can provide you with all the service you need.

  1. The first category of an electrician Glenelg we will look into is the outdoors electrician. These electricians install and repair different electrician equipment found outdoors, such as lighting, transformers, lighting systems and power lines. There are various types of outdoor electricians. Some of the most basic are lighting installers (i.e. fuse unplugged, circuit breaker switch pullers) and ground utility electricians who perform ground wire installation. Other specialised types of outdoor electricians specialise in specific applications, including; outdoor lighting electricians specialising in outdoor lighting installations, a marine electrician who undertakes installations underwater.
  2. electrician-glenelgThe second type of electrician is the certified master electrician. These electrician types are normally employed inside the commercial/ office building environment. A certified master electrician is usually a licensed commercial tradesman. He has obtained general and specific trade electrician certification and holds an additional certification or registration specific to their trade. Lighting authorities generally employ these types of electricians, power companies, construction firms etc.
  3. The third type of electrician is the technician. These electricians are not employed directly by electrical companies, but rather they are employed by other individuals who need electrical services or installations. They conduct projects either independently or for a company or organisation as part of their professional training programs. Some of these electricians are, i.e. construction technicians who have completed relevant training programs and are equipped with the skills needed to perform specific work within the industry.
  4. The fourth type of electrician is the apprentice electrician. This type of electrician Glenelg is usually a trainee who wishes to obtain employment within the electrical sector. As part of their training programs, trainees are taught to do electrical repairs and maintenance at home or their workplace. Most apprentice electricians begin their working careers as a registered electrician and then, after gaining experience and becoming competent, progress to being a master electrician or a specialist. However, some apprentices also end up being employed as journeymen electrician or as a commercial electrician.

The last four electricians are general contractors, light fittings and welding contractors, maintenance electricians, and industrial electrician or journeyman electrician. Generally, all these types of electricians perform a similar set of tasks, but their abilities are diverse and unique to the tasks they perform. An industrial electrician may troubleshoot lighting systems, whereas a general contractor may install and repair light fittings.