Choosing Between a Hinged and Sliding Closet or Wardrobe Door

One of the most exciting prospects you can do right now is the purchase of a new closet or wardrobe for your bedroom. However, you are undecided whether to pick a hinged or sliding door option. Well, several arguments are in favour of the two. So before you decide which one can provide you with the ultimate solution, you must understand first each of its advantage and disadvantage.


  1. Hinged Doors


The traditional option is the Hinged Closet / Wardrobe Doors. It is a type of door that both come with advantages and disadvantages. However, in many cases, it is the overall most excellent choice. The improved visibility it offers is one significant advantage that these types of wardrobes have. You can see the complete view of all your things when the doors of a hinged door wardrobe are open.  With that, deciding on what to wear in the morning becomes much faster and easier.


Moreover, another perk of Hinged Closet / Wardrobe Doors is the fact that you can utilise the back of its doors. You can use it either to hang a full-length mirror on or for extra storage space. Also, for it to fit under angled ceilings and stairs, you can cut the wardrobes. Plus, it can be made to open at any angle as it can fit in any corners as well.


However, the doors sometimes can’t support the weight of a heavy mirror which is its only drawback. But don’t worry because replacing its broken hinges is only simple and readily available. For larger rooms with ample space for the doors to operate and in rooms with a more traditional aesthetic, this classic looking option works best.


  1. Sliding Doors


A more contemporary storage solution is the sliding door wardrobes. However, it is also the most excellent option to go for as it works exceptionally well in numerous room types. The less space it only requires in front of them is its most significant advantage. It is because it can only smoothly slide from side to side.


Additionally, you will have more space to store your belongings as Sliding door wardrobes tend to be larger. Not only that, but it is not reliant on hinges to hold the doors up because it is incredibly stable. Plus, your room will feel quite larger if you go for a mirrored sliding door wardrobe.


However, you can’t have a full view of the contents of your wardrobe at one time which is its only small downside. But the good thing is that it can barely cause any issues because of how easily its doors slide. Thus, for small or confined spaces and in more modern homes, these wardrobes primarily works best.


Whether you opt for a hinged door wardrobe or a sliding one, both types of wardrobes are fantastic. For you to get a high-quality product, make sure to only go to a reputable shop.