Your LandRover Brakes: Just Exactly When Do You Replace Them

Vehicles will be speeding disasters if they don’t have brakes. Collisions and accidents will occur at any time. What do brakes do on cars? They slow down or stop the movement of the vehicle completely. They also prevent the car from going further if other forces make it move. It is achieved because the brake pads on the brakes provide friction which makes the vehicle slow down or stop.


Land Rover Service Plans AdelaideFortunately, there’s Land Rover Service Plans Adelaide, and any issues with the brakes are included in the plan. In vehicles, such as Land Rover, brakes need to be replaced when the pads get worn. Friction causes shorter brake life. Every time it is used, it wears out a bit and also runs out, so the brakes are often replaced many times throughout the life of the vehicle.


So when do you need to replace the brakes or brake pads of your vehicle? It’s time to look at your brakes and notice the presence of any of these signs.


The indicator on the vehicle dashboard:

When the braking material on the brakes is worn within 2 mm of the pad supporting plate, bearing replacement is required. Most new cars today have electronics built into brake pads. When the pad is at a point that needs to be replaced, a symbol will appear on the instrument group of your vehicle’s dashboard.


High-pitched squeal when braking:

When the friction material is worn near the support plate, you may hear creaks or creaks when you drive regardless of whether you are braking or not. The squeak is designed to make you aware that the brake pads are getting lower and need to be checked. If all the friction material on the brake pads has worn out, you will hear a grinding sound and friction when you brake. Pad replacement is mandatory as the vehicle is not safe to drive until it is repaired.



Brake pedal pulsation or vehicle vibration.

Over time, brake rotors can develop excessive variations. If this defect is present, you might see a beat on the brake pedal or steering wheel during braking. A new pad and the removal or replacement of the rotor will be required if the rotor has the deficiencies mentioned above.

Vehicles pull or roam while braking. If your car pulls to the right or left during braking, it could be caused by the misalignment of the suspension, and sometimes tire defects or uneven tire inflation from side to side. The mechanics that inspect your vehicle will determine whether the new brake pads themselves will solve the problem or if other repairs are needed.


Brake system warning lights and/or maintenance reminder messages

If your brake system warning lights are on, or the brake system maintenance reminder message appears on the driver information screen, check your vehicle according to the guidelines in your Land Rover Service Plans Adelaide, and get it repaired as soon as possible.