Espadrilles Are for Women – Why Choose Espadrilles

Online Womens Espadrilles, also known as Espadrilles de Paris, are open, leather, flat, casual shoes with a rubber sole. They are typically flat leather uppers and have a leather or canvas sole. The popular esparto rubber sole is an essential character of an espadrille; other styles vary greatly in design. In France, Espadrilles became iconic due to their popularity amongst dancers in the popular “ballets”. The name” ESPADRille” comes from the word “espadrill”, which means “dance”.

online-womens-espadrillesAs opposed to leather, rope-sole or jute soles was common in espadrilles from the late 19th century. They are made from either tight woven jute or a mixture of jute and canvas that has been twisted together. They are extremely comfortable, inexpensive and lightweight, which makes them ideal for everyday use. This type of shoe, called complete espadrilles, has a closed eye with no laces, and the upper part has a loop that goes around the ankle.

The construction of modern espadrilles is based on the original French design. The modern shoes are made using polyester and canvas. The sole’s basic material is jute, and the other components of the shoe include a hardwood heel counter, a wooden shank, and elastic eye straps. The uppers are usually made from a mixture of materials such as leather, canvas and cotton, with some espadrilles being waterproof and having a special waterproofing solution applied to them.

Today there is a wide variety of styles of espadrille shoes available. Online Womens Espadrilles of today come in both sandals and closed toes. Some have laces, and others come with plain straps; some have slouchy feet, while others are designed with plain straps but with an embellished collar. The traditional style is a flat sole with very wide uppers, sometimes reaching up to your knees. Today’s espadrilles are much more streamlined and do not resemble the traditional style at all.

Espadrilles of today are mostly made from synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester or acrylic. Nylon is preferred because it is lightweight, durable and does not wear down as fast as natural materials such as jute. Polyester and acrylic are also used but not as extensively because they are more expensive than nylon. These materials are also lightweight but can be stiff when cold. Since the soles of these shoes are made from synthetic material, they are also water-resistant. However, they can be worn even when swimming and surfing.

While the traditional style of espadrilles was made for men, today’s models are designed especially for women. The modern Online Womens Espadrilles have small pointed toes, which look good on women’s feet. They are also fitted with patent leather insoles which give them a perfect and comfortable fit. A woman’s feet can be shaped without having to resort to surgery with these comfortable espadrilles. They have been designed with a classic and timeless look, which is still very much in vogue today.