Smart USB Pivot Keyport Organizers


Easily store your keys in an organized rack within reach. The OrbitKey key organizer from Orbitkey keeps between two to seven keys safe and secure in a quiet and sleek profile. This handy key organizer from Orbitkey blends classy leather with a steel lock design. It is a fine style that ages gracefully with age.

The OrbitKey trim tool is a compact key organizer for those on the go. This portable organizational tool is perfect for quick access when needed. The front flap of this neat organizer opens up to reveal seven (9) pockets, each with its slide feature. This slim and handy organizer is easily removable to add another pair of gloves or a cell phone. The backslide features an adjustable Slide Lock that allows you to add or subtract cell phones, keys and other items with ease.

The orbit key w/ design is a very flexible and convenient multi-tool. This multi-tool offers all of the functionality of an OrbitKey along with the convenience of a USB device. The sleek and compact body of the OrbitKey Nano Cube is designed to accommodate both a USB and a standard corded model. You can open it with one finger and use it with confidence while on the go. Also, this handy little multi-tool has an extremely long grip which makes it easy to handle.

If you are looking for a bottle opener that doubles as a USB device, you should consider the OrbitKey Trimmed Slim USB 3.0 Pen. You can open bottles with ease. With a single press of the button on the OrbitKey trim tool, you can open any bottle or container. The smooth round shape of the cap makes it comfortable to hold. The slim USB 3.0 pen makes it convenient to transfer your information quickly. The OrbitKey Trimmed Slim USB Pen is the perfect gift for anyone on your shopping list.

An orbit key w/ design can be another great gift for a coworker or loved one. The OrbitKey Pro MicoCable has a durable metal body and an illuminated touch screen that make it easy to access all of your commands. In addition, the OrbitKey Pro MicoCable comes equipped with a sleek, high-contrast OLED display that will illuminate your inbox in bright pink. This is a great way to show someone that you care about their day to day needs. You can also connect up to two computers via a USB cable, making this convenient for everyone’s lifestyle.

For those of you who like your computer accessories to blend in as well as work, the OrbitKey Quick Slide Pivot Keyport is a must-have. The Quick Slide Pivot Keyport allows you to change the look of your computer keyboards easily. With a sleek chrome exterior and an aggressive design, the OrbitKey Quick Slide Pivot Keyport is perfect for typing, sending emails, and surfing the web. With the sleek design and powerful function, you are sure to make use of this wonderful peripheral.