Types of Podiatrists

A podiatrist is a doctor who treats the musculoskeletal system of human beings. In terms of technicality, a podiatrist is skilled in treating all the bones, joints and tissue of the human body, including the spine and the lower limbs. The treatment that he can offer includes preventive care, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and injuries, and rehabilitation of patients. For more information, visit TheSAPodiatryClinic today.

podiatrist-adelaideFurthermore, a podiatrist Adelaide will treat various parts of your body, including the feet and ankles. At the same time, an orthopedic doctor is trained to treat only the skeletal system of a human body. A foot and ankles specialist will also handle various aspects of your foot and ankles, including the joints and the bones. At the same time, other specialized podiatrists focus only on specific areas of your foot or ankle.

Foot and Ankle. A podiatrist specializes in foot and ankles. He will be skilled in diagnosing and treating different foot disorders and diseases. He will also be capable of prescribing and modifying treatment for the patients that require it. For more information, visit TheSAPodiatryClinic today.

Arthritis, Joint and Bone

The feet and ankles are the most frequently affected parts of the human body. When these are not properly treated, they are prone to become affected as well. This happens when there is damage to the ligaments or tissues of these areas, which leads to a person’s bones and joints to start moving in abnormal ways. Such abnormal movement of bones and joints can lead to several problems, such as pain, swelling and deformity of the bones and joints. The doctor can treat the symptoms and even the underlying causes of such conditions through the use of medication and physical therapy.

Handicapped and Injured Feet

A podiatrist will specialize in treating the feet. He will have extensive knowledge of these areas and will be skilled in diagnosing the types of disorders and diseases related to these areas. He will be able to assess the patient and provide treatment to him. For more information, visit TheSAPodiatryClinic today.

Warts on the Foot and Ankles

Another common ailment of the feet and ankles is warts. A podiatrist Adelaide will be able to diagnose the condition of warts and give treatment accordingly. If the condition is very severe, he will prescribe antiviral drugs and surgical procedures for removing them. In some cases, the doctor may prescribe certain types of surgical treatments for removing warts to prevent a recurrence. On the other hand, in cases where the warts are relatively mild, the doctor may be able to remove warts using a surgical procedure and prescribe treatment for preventing the recurrence of them.

Musculoskeletal System

A podiatrist can diagnose and treat various conditions of the muscles and the joints of your feet and legs and is also skilled at treating disorders of these tissues.