What Is Speech Therapy Adelaide?

Speech-language pathology is an area of medical practice devoted to diagnosing and treating disorders of the speech and communication systems, or voice pathways. The term speech-language Pathology is sometimes used interchangeably with speech-language therapy (SVL), another area of speech pathology. In either case, both refer to a discipline of medical practice devoted to addressing the communication systems’ disorders, and both have been subject to increasing criticism over the last decade or so.

One issue that has been argued against speech therapy Adelaide is that the results are not long-lasting, thus rendering it ineffective. Proponents of this line of thought maintain that one study conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health showed a five per cent return rate for speech therapy patients who experienced improvement. In a recent survey, ninety-three percent of those who underwent speech therapy improvement maintained that they had been cured. In comparison, only twenty-nine percent of those who underwent standard care regressed.

speech-therapy-adelaideAnother concern is that those who speak with a voice louder than normal may develop mental illnesses as a result. For instance, did you know that the strong-smelling gas hydroxide is often administered during speech therapy Adelaide? Hydrogen sulphide is said to cause nasal congestion; however, those who breathe through their mouths do not suffer from this condition. It is believed that those who speak with a loud speaking voice tend to clench their jaws, have receded soft tissue in their throat, experience headaches, and experience difficulty breathing, among other conditions. These conditions can subside with speech therapy.

There is also a debate regarding whether speech therapy is efficacious when treating children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Some professionals believe that while ASDs are treatable, most cannot be helped by typical behavioural therapies. One reason therapists cannot allow children with ASDs is to understand and process certain sounds and speech patterns. Speech therapists can make these sounds easier to comprehend. This is what separates articulation therapy from speech therapy Adelaide for individuals who have ASDs.

With the increasing focus on communication and mental health, more individuals are embracing alternative therapies. One of these therapies includes SLP or Social Communication Therapy. SLP stands for specific learning activities. These activities can range from playing games, joining a club, participating in community events, attending SLP workshops, and participating in different groups.

In a nutshell, speech therapy offers an individualised approach to addressing disorders and mental health concerns. However, it must be understood that everyone has different needs and that no one treatment is guaranteed useful for all people with communication problems. This is why it is essential to seek professional help if you or someone you know exhibits these disorders.