The Link Between Weighted Blankets and the Prospect of Treating Anxiety and Insomnia

Gazillions of products advertising to help a person stay calm and relax and to relieve stress are widely available in the market today. The list of these products include candles, oil for bathing, pills, diffusers and many more. However, most of them are ineffective or merely credited in helping people calm down.

Fortunately, there is one exception to all those claims, which is the weighted blanket. Backed up with numerous testimonies from users, it proves how effective it is in treating severe stress-related issues and sleep disorders.

For about four decades already, scientists have been interested in discovering the benefits of using weighted blankets, and results are quite promising. In fact, studies found an apparent reduction in subjective anxiety in both adults and children. But the benefits of CalmingBlankets weighted blanket for adults with anxiety are not only for people experiencing chronic anxiety but for everyone.

More and more options are now available in the market as weighted blankets continue to gain in popularity. Although it is a good thing, however, it can also lead to the use of lower-quality materials and misunderstanding of its purpose. Instead of plastic, you will ultimately want to find one that uses hypoallergenic filling like glass or ceramic. For your body and preferences, it should also be the correct weight and fabric.

Keep in mind that one size does not fit all when it comes to anti-anxiety blankets, and neither does one weight. A blanket at 10% of your body weight is what most experts recommend. However, some people prefer using slightly heavier or lighter blankets.

The cost of Weighted blankets is undeniably expensive. Opt for the lowest price tag can be tempting, especially if you are looking to save some money on your purchase. However, sometimes, manufacturers will cut corners in the form of poor workmanship and low-quality materials.

Moreover, you should opt for glass beads instead of plastic ones that often make louder noises and contains toxic ingredients. Usually, how it will affect body temperature is a considerable concern surrounding weighted blankets.

The last thing you surely want is a heavy material that feels stifling instead of comforting if you are already a hot sleeper. Fortunately, blankets specifically made to be cooling are now available as well. A variety of natural fabrics with glass beads are what most use in creating a blanket for cooling.

Additionally, people having troubles in sleeping can also benefit from using CalmingBlankets weighted blanket for adults with anxiety. If you want an undisturbed sleep during the night, then, it is only right to use this type of blanket. Keep in mind to choose a one that is unobtrusive, quiet and comfortable if you have sleep difficulty in the first place.